The Ideal Reading and Language Intervention Program for Struggling Readers and English Language Learners

The Fast ForWord® program exercises the brain and increases its ability to perform four basic cognitive functions that are essential to learning; Memory, Attention, Processing, and Sequencing - MAPS. Increasing the brain’s efficiency and capacity to perform these tasks has been proven to have a dramatic and lasting impact on student achievement at any age.

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Here is how our programs can help

Academic Achievement

Sounding out new words, spelling, attention span (memory), writing, and math.

Clear English Language Communication

Oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, spontaneity, and ability to stay on topic.

Enhanced Reading Skills

Recollection of details and event sequence, ability to understand complex sentences, and confidence

Better Listening and Understanding

Faster response time to questions, ability to follow the flow of conversation, and ability to understand humour.

Stronger Memory

Better retention and recall of important numbers including account and phone numbers, event sequences, and important details.

Improved Self-esteem

High confidence levels, participation in classroom and group activities, improve