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Is your child showing aggression, hostility, or other disruptive behaviors? Learn how to help your child.
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Creating academic, life & career success for our clients using scientific, research-based interventions.
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Creating Academic, Life & Career Success

Boosting brainskills to enhance learning
At Transformative Learning Company our goal is to bring the best of neuroscience research together with good learning practices. Our programs develop the essential skills of language, reading and learning. We work toward creating academic, life and career success for our clients. We use a scientific, research-based approach for our interventions.
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Evaline - Nairobi

Evaline - Nairobi

Mother of Jordan
The teachers have given a glowing report. This would have seemed like a miracle at the start of this year. His overall work, focus, concentration and confidence have grown after using Fast ForWord Language & Fast ForWord Reading Assistant. With these programs, he now focuses a lot on improving his marks, which has given him more motivation in the classroom. Overall he is much more motivated and even volunteers in the class now. Thanks for great interventions!
Christine Wiedman

Christine Wiedman

Fast ForWord User
My daughter could not read when she was in grade 6 but that summer we heard about the Fast Forward program and we bought it for 4 months. She went from a non reader to reading at about a grade 3 level in that short time. it was amazing. She continues to struggle with reading but she can read thanks to the Fast Forward program

There is no health without mental health

If you are struggling with school or learning; if your child is displaying un-social behaviour, you may be dealing with a mental disorder. Take one of our screeners and see.
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7 Ways to Help Kids With Slow Processing Speed Take Notes in Class

Taking notes on what the teacher is saying is a challenge for lots of kids. But students with slow processing speed may have an especially hard time keeping up. Here are strategies that could help your child with note-taking. 1 of 7: Ask for supplementary notes. Many teachers will email or post slideshows, PowerPoint outlines and […]

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How Fast ForWord Helped Monicia’s Son with Autism

For Autism Awareness Month, Monicia has advice for other parents of children with autism. Read through to learn about the changes she’s seeing in her son while he is using the Fast ForWord® program, and the words of inspiration she has to share. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your son? Monicia: My name is Monicia. My son is nine […]

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Why children must play

Authored by Liz Khaemba – Learning Specialist, Transformative Learning  Kilonzo is sitting in a sand pit; his chubby two year old hands are deep inside the sand.  He picks handfuls of sand from as deep as his hands can go, lifts his hands up, and gleefully lets the sand trickle back into the sandpit.  Baby […]

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Accelerate Learning by Training your Brain

With our programs you can do what no other intervention can do: you start with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and work from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity. You can set personalised courses that help participants improve listening skills. Then you can systematically develop language and comprehension skills. All the while you get immediate and detailed information on the progress of each student.
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